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The programme aims to train students in a variety of theoretical viewpoints from different fields in psychology and teach them the skills to practice effectively with different populations. The main goal of this programme is to train students to design and conduct research and apply the knowledge from this research effectively into practice. Of outmost importance is that the students develop an ethical professional identity that will guide their work as researchers and practitioners.


The Master of Science degree programme in Counselling Psychology is built upon the scientist-practitioner model of education and training where science and practice are viewed as complementary and interdependent. The programme aims to integrate the academic, research, and professional components of counselling psychology into a programme that promotes knowledge, experience, and sensitivity to the tradition of counselling psychology that prepares students for careers as professional psychologists in Cyprus and other European countries. With the completion of this programme, students have all the necessary qualifications for admissions to programmes of doctoral study in Cyprus or abroad.

Career Prospects

On successful completion of the programme graduates will be able to work in different professional settings in the private or public sector since their degree can give them license to work in Cyprus as Counselling Psychologists.

Potential employment opportunities include positions at:  different Counselling centres, clinics, schools, business sector, private office and in the public sectors Counselling Psychologists can now be employed in clinics, hospitals or other organisations.

Access to Further Studies

Upon graduation, students may have direct access to further postgraduate (PhD, or PsyD) studies mainly in Counselling Psychology or Clinical Psychology (depending on the University).


The programme is taught in English.

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