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Double Degree LLM in EU Law and US Law
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The Double Degrees is a unique offer provided by the ELGS through its wide network of acknowledged Universities. The ELGS provides two-year double degrees in Law & Governance with different universities allowing for the student to pass through the admissions process only once and to deepen their knowledge in two topics within the framework of one program. 

Double Degree LLM in EU Law and US Law: One year at ELGS in Greece and one year at Temple University Beasley School of Law in the US. 

This two year taught degree program offers students an in-depth look at key issues of European Union law and of US law. 

In the first year students will attend the one year LLM in EU law which enables students to choose from a variety of elective courses addressing the most pressing themes being discussed throughout Europe. In their second year students will attend a one year program on US law at Temple University Beasley School of Law, run in the United States and designed especially for foreign trained lawyers please visit:

Upon successful completion of the second year of the program at Temple, students will be eligible to sit for the US Bar exam in the State of New York City. Students that graduate from this program will receive a degree from the ELGS and one from Temple. 

To whom it is addressed

This program has a single admissions process and as a result students must have a first degree in the legal sciences. The first year of the program at the ELGS is offered in a format convenient for professionals with all class hours outside of traditional business hours. Please note however that in the second year students must attend Temple University in the United States on a full time basis for one academic year.

Program Benefits

  • One single admission process through the ELGS allows students to sit for both degrees
  • Students of the program will interact with renown EU leaders and decision-makers and the expansive ELGS International Faculty network, and be granted access to attend EPLO events.
  • Students in their second year will learn everything they need to know to be a practicing lawyer in the United States of America, and upon successful completion, be eligible to sit for the US bar exam in the state of NY.
  • Students graduate with a clear understanding and awareness of the most up-to-date scholarly research and best industry practices, as well as a solid professional network to support them in their career after the ELGS on both sides of the Atlantic.

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