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Υποτροφίες για διδακτορικές σπουδές στη Σκωτία από το Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland (Σκωτία)


Each year, the Trust offers a number of PhD scholarships to support graduates with first class Honours undergraduate degrees from a Scottish university, who wish to pursue three years of postgraduate research leading to a PhD at a university in Scotland. These prestigious PhD scholarships include: 

Carnegie PhD Scholarships

Funded by the Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland, the Scholarships are open for doctoral study in any field.

Carnegie-Cant-Morgan PhD Scholarship in Botany/Plant Science

Following a legacy from Mr Keith Morgan, the Trust will be offering one additional PhD Scholarship every three years to a student wishing to undertake doctoral studies in Plant Science. This new Scholarship is offered for the first time for 2018-19.

Caledonian Research Foundation (CRF) Scholarships

The Trust administers the CRF Scholarships on behalf of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. The Scholarships are awarded and held under identical conditions as the Carnegie PhD Scholarships and are under the charge and control of the Trustees of the RSE Scotland Foundation, who retain the power to alter the rules and to change the purpose and destination of the Scholarships. One Scholarship is usually awarded for study in the Life Sciences and another in Arts and Humanities.

A total of 16 scholarships are available for doctoral studies starting in 2018-19.

The number of nominations is subject to a quota. To be considered, prospective PhD students must be selected as candidates by one of the Scottish universities and have their nomination approved before their application is submitted to the Trust by the student and their nominator (e.g. the prospective PhD supervisor). Applications received without the required institutional approval will not be accepted. A student can only be nominated by one university and multiple nominations for the same student are not permissible.

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