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Πέντε (5) αμειβόμενες διδακτορικές θέσεις στη Σχολή Διοίκησης του University of Tampere (Φινλανδία)


The Faculty of Management (JKK) of the University of Tampere invites applications for five positions of doctoral researcher for a fixed-term period starting 1 April 2018 and lasting a maximum of four years.

Doctoral researchers enrolled in the doctoral programme at the Faculty of Management of the University of Tampere pursue a doctoral degree. The personal study and supervision plans of doctoral students define the terms of their dissertation work and are used to monitor the students’ progress annually. The personal study and supervision plan includes a detailed annual working schedule. In addition to writing their dissertations, doctoral students teach or carry out other tasks relating to their studies at the Faculty. These duties may not exceed five per cent of a student’s total working hours.

Applicants for these positions must have received a Master's degree or equivalent from a university. Successful candidates must also be pursuing a doctoral degree in JKK's doctoral programme and must present an approved study and research plan.

Doctoral researchers are selected based on the level of scientific potential they are able to demonstrate. The scientific potential will be evaluated on the basis of the applicants’ study and research plans, their previous success in studies and merits in advancing their doctoral thesis and / or scientific publishing. Previous funding received for dissertation work is also considered. To be considered eligible, candidates may not have received funding for no more than four years of full-time research before the call for application closes. Applicants who have received funding for a total of less than four years of full-time dissertation work before the call for application closes are eligible. The duration of employment is determined based on the research phase.

The base salary for the successful applicants will fall within Salary Groups 2 and 4 in the Finnish university salary system for teaching and research staff, depending on how far advanced the candidate's research is. The base salary will be supplemented with a merit or performance increase based on the employee's individual experience and/or performance. The position includes a four-month trial period.

Please submit application documents through the University's online application system by 3:45 pm (Finnish Time) on February 15th, 2018.

Please address your application to the Dean of the Faculty of Management and enclose the following documents:

  • Your curriculum vitae, including the date you received notification of your right to study towards a doctoral degree
  • Your research and study plan, including a schedule for your dissertation project
  • A list of your publications
  • A detailed account of grants received for dissertation research and previous employment at Finnish research schools or other, similar institutions

For more information about the positions, please contact

Professor Hannu Saarijärvi (, tel. +358 40 535 1369

Head of Administration Sari Saastamoinen (, tel. +358 40 190 1479).

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