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Έξι (6) υποτροφίες για PhD στο Faculty of Spatial Sciences, University of Groningen (Ολλανδία)


We offer up to 6 fully-funded PhD at the Faculty of Spatial Sciences, starting on 1 September 2018. 

The award of a PhD scholarship will be based on the quality of your PhD research proposal and your qualities as a researcher. The proposed PhD research topic must both fit within, and explicitly contribute to, the Faculty Research Programme tWIST - towards Wellbeing, Innovation and Spatial Transformation. Both the fit and the contribution will be an explicit consideration in the evaluation of the PhD proposal. Whether you have been able to secure the commitment of a tWIST professor to work with you as a supervisor is also part of the evaluation.

The two years of a Research Master are regarded as a preparation for the PhD trajectory, and your Research Master work ideally provides a smooth start into the PhD trajectory so that the PhD thesis can be completed in three years. It is therefore mandatory that you build on previous work in your research proposal. For excellent Master students, it is also preferred that they build on previous work. Especially previously written work that can be included in the thesis or be used as a first draft of a chapter, such as a scientific paper or a master thesis, will be considered as a big plus. 

The University of Groningen offers scholarships for excellent students for a period of 3 (or 4) years. Scholarships are available for Research Master students (for 3 years), or excellent other Master students (for 3 or 4 years). We offer coaching and ensure progress and results are assessed to ensure a smooth process to ensure timely completion of your PhD thesis. You will participate in the Faculty’s FSS training program for PhD students as part of your personal training and supervision plan. Part of the training consists of following the Career Perspectives curriculum, which aims to prepare you for your (academic or non-academic) careers after your PhD trajectory.


In order to apply for the fully-funded PhD scholarship we are looking for a candidate with:

- a Research Master degree in Regional Studies/ Spatial Sciences or Master degree in Economic Geography, Real Estate, Planning, Social, Cultural Geography, Demography, or a related social-science discipline
- excellent study results
- good writing skills and fluency in English; preferably experience in academic writing 
- interdisciplinary affinity with social sciences and a keen interest in topics related to the Faculty's research program
- strong conceptual thinking with the desire and capacity to relate theoretical topics to practical challenges and solutions;
- strong motivation, good communicative skills, proactive and independent work attitude
- strong planning skills, good in organizing its own work and related activities
- a great drive and enthusiasm; being passionate.

We warmly invite you to apply if you are interested and have completed your Master degree before September 1, 2018.


The PhD student will be enrolled in the PhD Scholarship Programme and receive a scholarship of € 2,099 per month (gross) from the University of Groningen for a period three or four years. Information about the terms and conditions of the PhD Scholarship Programme can be found at:


The Faculty of Spatial Sciences at the University of Groningen (RUG) consists of 95 members of staff and focuses on high quality teaching and research in the fields of spatial planning, economic and cultural geography and demography. Also, the Faculty of Spatial Sciences belongs to the top of worldwide top schools in Regional Science. The research theme of the Faculty of Spatial Sciences is 'Wellbeing, Innovation and Spatial Transformation'. Our mission is to produce research, which is world-leading, distinctive, and policy-relevant. With two bachelor and eight master programs, the faculty offers a wide range of courses within the field to about 900 students.


Feara Klaren, the Office manager of the Graduate School

To apply, click here.

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