A.G. Leventis Research Innovation Programme για την Κύπρο στο Ελληνικό Παρατηρητήριο του LSE Εκπαιδευτικά Νέα

Νέα ημερομηνία υποβολής αιτήσεων: 30 Σεπτεμβρίου 2021.

Το Ελληνικό Παρατηρητήριο δημιούργησε μια νέα πρωτοβουλία το 2019 αφιερωμένο στην καινοτόμο έρευνα για την Κύπρο  σχετικά με ζητήματα σύγχρονης ακαδημαϊκής και σχετικής με την πολιτική σημασίας. Το  Πρόγραμμα χρηματοδοτείται από το  Ίδρυμα AG Leventis  και βασίζεται σε ερευνητικές προσκλήσεις της HO, για έργα που θα διεξάγονται από εξωτερικούς ερευνητές. 

Σκοπός του προγράμματος είναι να αναπτύξει και να υποστηρίξει υψηλής ποιότητας ακαδημαϊκή και σχετική με την πολιτική έρευνα και δημοσιεύσεις στις κοινωνικές επιστήμες στην Κύπρο.

Για τρίτη χρονιά, το Ελληνικό Παρατηρητήριο του LSE  προσκαλεί ερευνητές για τη διεξαγωγή έρευνας για τη σύγχρονη Κύπρο. 

Δείτε παρακάτω την προκήρυξη στα αγγλικά:

A.G. Leventis Research Innovation Programme on Cyprus

Call for Research Project Proposals 2021

In 2019, the Hellenic Observatory launched a new research initiative dedicated to innovative research on Cyprus with a generous donation by the A.G. Leventis Foundation. The purpose of the programme is to develop and support high-quality academic and policy-related research and publications within the social sciences on Cyprus.

For the third year, the Hellenic Observatory invites applications from researchers to conduct high-quality and policy relevant research on contemporary Cyprus. Unless otherwise indicated, projects are eligible for consideration from across the social sciences; have either a domestic or external focus; and/or place Cyprus in comparative perspective. Projects should normally have a clear relevance to public policy in Cyprus.

Research Themes & Level of Awards

1. Collaborative Research Project: GBP £20,000 grant (plus up to GBP £5,000 for LSE Academic) - the project to run for a maximum of 24 months (one award):

Decolonizing the study of Cyprus
Social, economic and political research on Cyprus has often turned to colonial relations as an analytic frame for explaining the island’s political fate and entangled contemporary conflicts. These analyses, and the postcolonialism-inspired discussions they have occasioned, provide fertile ground for revisiting the project of decolonizing Cyprus offered by new perspectives in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement and calls to reconsider lingering colonial legacies in normalised political spheres. In this frame, we welcome projects that address the following themes:

  • Racialisation of populations in Cyprus through history and in the present – this may include hitherto silenced populations such as Roma communities and/or racialisation of new citizens and non-citizen residents today
  • Critical comparative reconsiderations of Cyprus’ relations to ‘motherlands’ and Britain in recent years: this may address new developments in the relations between Cypriot communities and polities and Greece and Turkey respectively, including new migration patterns, relations of dependency (political, economic, cultural, institutional etc) and the political economy of decolonisation, or the political landscape of contesting those dependencies in comparative perspective
  • Re-evaluations of racial thinking in official history and/or of the valorisation of oppressive or violent legacies in public art, monuments, or statues 
  • Re-assessments of the interconnections between cultural and economic capital through the island’s colonial history including its relations with other colonial spaces and their legacies today
  • Re-assessments of Cyprus’ economic structure and relations, in view of discussions about decolonisation of the economy (economic monocultures, economic dependencies, repositioning in global value chains, etc)

Proposers are invited to consider the above topics from interdisciplinary and intersectional perspectives.   
Proposed projects should have a maximum duration of 24 months, with a maximum budget of GBP £20,000. An essential requirement is that the project will be delivered in a collaborative fashion, with the applicant team pairing with an LSE-based academic (Assistant Professor equivalent or higher), who will substantially contribute to the project (with a target budget for the LSE component of a maximum of GBP £5,000). The Hellenic Observatory cannot offer advice or mediation in establishing partnerships with LSE academics. Submitted proposals should briefly explain the rationale for the collaboration (synergies, complementarities), any previous history of collaboration across the members of the research team, and the current contact with the LSE staff member. They should also explain in sufficient detail the specific role of each member of the research team (including the LSE academic(s)) in the project. 

2. Small Research Project: GBP £8,000 grant – the project to run for a maximum of 12 months (one award):

Culture Wars
Divisions around ‘culture war’ issues such as abortion, same-sex marriage, gender identity, religious exemption, and sex education, have flourished in the United States and have increasingly fuelled socio-political debates in various parts of Europe. Research proposals are invited that place Cyprus within the wider European comparison on issues identified with culture wars. There is no prescribed disciplinary approach or methodology for this project. Applicants should explain the basis of international comparison for Cyprus.

How to Apply

Applications are to be submitted electronically by 30 September 2021 (23.59 GMT) in Word format to Hellenicobservatory.Research@lse.ac.uk and the subject line of the email should read “HO Cyprus Call 2021”.

For further information and details on Eligibility and Application Procedure, please click here.
For more details on this Research Programme, please click here.
Should you have any queries, please email: Hellenicobservatory.Research@lse.ac.uk .

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